The Treasury Shows, Pt. II (Podcast #19-004)

A look at some of the music on Volumes 6 through 10 of Storyville Records’ release of the Duke Ellington Treasury Series radio shows.
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“In April 1945, Duke Ellington began what was to be the largest single recording project of his career, though it is most unlikely that he or anyone else thought of it in such terms at the time… [He] signed an agreement with the newly formed American Broadcasting Company to broadcast a series of hour-long Saturday afternoon network shows under the title “A Date With The Duke.”… The recordings of these complete broadcasts…make up the largest single block of material in the Ellington discography.”

– Eddie Lambert, A Listener’s Guide – Duke Ellington



The recordings heard on this podcast episode:


vol 6


vol 7


vol 8


vol 9


vol 10